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Our Showrooms

Dedicated Cinema rooms Showroom :

Kosi Meubles Ltd, Coromandel Industrial Zone

Open from Monday to Friday, book demonstrations in advance.

Established in 1989 at Quatre-Bornes, today Kosi is big name in the construction and renovation business in Mauritius, we are proud to be their Audio / Video experts and invite you to book an appointment for a demonstration in our dedicated home cinema showroom in Coromandel.

Premium Audio Showroom in Moka :

Vivéa Business Park, Factory Building, Leicht Showroom, Demonstrations on Fridays from 11am to be booked in advance.

Its been years since now Slow Design and Solid Sound are partners, within the beautiful premium kitchens showroom in Vivéa Business Park Moka you can book a private demonstration of our luxury AvantGarde Acoustic Speakers. As it happens, both brands with Leicht share common goals...

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