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Pro Audio 

Use real references

When we say pro audio we mean pro audio, Dynaudio monitors are the most used in the word since decades in the world 's most prestigious studio's all around the globe.

They have refreshed their line in the last years.

Although all older models are still produced as even the brand cant stop them since demands are still strong !

Whether you go for the LYD's or the Core's there is just no possible way for disappointment.

LYD's are Dynaudio's new performance monitoring systems which will give you an unbeatable price / quality ratio.

Starting at Rs40k with the pair of LYD 5's.

Core's are Dynaudio's new premium monitors, they also carry the best price / quality ratio but to put it simply, at another level...

Prices start with the Core 7 at Rs183k.

Same as all our Dynaudio products, the professional line will carry their official warranty through us and the headquarters for years.

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