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Marine Audio

Marine Audio is all about durability and the ability to withstand the harsher environment for any speaker; sun rays, UV, salty air and permanent humidity are simply the worst enemies to electronics and speakers...


This is why we only work with the best in order to be able to promise you long years of audio and video enjoyment aboard.

While indoor cabins on a boat are isolated, any decent marine audio video needs to be well placed and properly installed, all electrical and signal cables, electronics, and speakers need to be all IP65 rated for the least. Which is our case, actually our our marine speakers are fully waterproof. 

We work with brands such as DC GOLD Audio speakers and Videotree Waterproof TV's.

We can propose dedicated custom solutions to be proposed for any embarcation.

All installation done by our hand, full installation, electrical management, shielded and sealed wiring and circuit protections.

If you let us take care of your boat's installation we will engage ourself on long years of enjoyment.

You can nonetheless order marine equipments from us in DYI.

Contact us for informations and prices

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